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Worker’s Room

Location: Juniper Place in Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Designed as a servant’s quarters, this room is dedicated to workers across the ages and their many faces, domestic, corporate or otherwise. Charming, alien forms pull the occupant from the hard, day-lit lines of work, to evoke thoughts of escape (or mid-life revision). Industrial era tools, manufactured for the domestic service hang next to the hats of the modern-day bourgeois community “servants.” Here, the worker sleeps nightly in a day-bed of polished brass.

Draped in an obscure form, reminiscent of a weathered fabric, the Christine Rosamond lithograph keeps watch from over the cast iron register with a fixed cap. Simone sees all and looks always over and around your head while you write or work in endless correspondence.

Every door leads to the same place but most are kept locked from the other side. The fan works, but not nearly as well as it used to.