“I had the immense good fortune of working with Dustin on my first solo exhibition, and both my career and my creative health are all the better for it. I thought, before working with him, that my organizing and planning skills were robust enough to logistically manage the event, and that I knew the entirety of what my work was trying to communicate. It became clear from the first meeting with Dustin that I hadn’t considered half of what goes into putting together a show, and, maybe more importantly, that I hadn’t considered the immeasurable benefits of working with someone who has the vision and commitment to art that Dustin has.

Dustin works from a place of deep respect, equally mindful of the viewer and the artist, and how to channel the connection between them through the work itself. He is brilliant at shaping the written context and curating pieces to create a generative, dynamic viewing experience. Sometimes my thinking can be cerebral and inaccessible, but through our conversations over the course of three months Dustin was able, again and again, to seemingly mind-read, translate, and partner with my imagination in a way that I honestly never thought a person could do. A careful listener and astute observer, he took in every word and saw possibilities and clarity where I did not. It was such a special and profound experience, and it made me all the more invested in my creative process, the work that results from it, and what that work has to offer my audience. I’m a better artist now than I was before working with him, beyond a doubt.

And the exhibition was a success beyond what I had hoped for. My known audience gained a deeper understanding of and appreciation for my work, and the show crucially created an occasion to connect with new people. The highest accolade was having a viewer note to me that for days after the opening he saw the world differently – colors felt more vibrant to him, and he saw art in places he hadn’t noticed before. Because of the show I saw a 200% increase in sales, had inspiring conversations with curators and collectors, and understood more about how my art connected with people as a result. I owe this success to Dustin’s incomparable contribution and collaboration, and am forever grateful for it.”


Lesley Finn | Collage, Erasure, & Book Artist


“When I read Dustin’s work I realized he touched upon the knot that ties together the complex relationship of technology, personhood, and religion.

Ilia Delio, OSF
Award-Winning Author and Founder of Center
for Christogenesis
and A Hunger for Wholeness
(from Re-enchanting the Earth: Why AI Needs Religion)


“To hear Dustin speak is to listen to grounded poetry. The words are beautiful in themselves but the structure holding them together is a well crafted work of art.

He is seasoned with the history of humanity. Often, his flavor is influenced by powerful minds. He is a philosopher and a theologian. His study has assured him that the only certainty in the world is that the world is uncertain. The most traumatic moments in human history are the ones in which the whole world wakes up and becomes aware that surety is an idol and the technologies we produce to worship her will fail us. He is hopeful that in this season of rapidly changing circumstances that we slow down and see that abstractly this is nothing new. We will forever be caught off guard if we forget that evolution and her defining variabilities not only hold us together but can also rip us apart.

There truly is nothing new under the sun.

Thank you for the boost of confidence in the times!


“Dustin is a media expert.”


Rubble is our second project with Dustin. Even after just one experience it was clear that Dustin’s tastes are so refined there really is no need to interject my opinion on the matter. We did our best to keep out of his way. However, Dustin is human and humble enough to ask you the right questions that make you look smarter and result in a more fulfilling completed project. We are only hesitant to refer Dustin’s services to others because it may mean they are harder to utilize in the future. On the logistical side his professionalism is outstanding. Communication was forthcoming, timelines were kept, and the budget was reasonable.


Scott Burkholder | Burkholder Agency


“I was totally amazed by the poetry and the mind-reading you had behind your pen.

You describe this album even better with words than I can do with music.”


C Y G N | Musician & Producer


Working with Dustin is a metaphysical pleasure. He builds complex, poetic discourse that is at the same time easy to share with the general public. His curatorial statement, understanding of the space, and visual work made the installation at E1507 an absolute living-with-art experience.


Antonio González-García | Watercolorist