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Partners: Dara Skolnick, the Center for Christogenesis.

Complete brand messaging, strategy and website re-development for the non-profit of an award-winning author required an  in-depth knowledge of their thought and audience. From brief to launch, this vision required a combination of research, consultation, creative strategy and brand development to chart a middle way between diverse, global audiences and user backgrounds. Past organizational initiatives and assets were considered alongside future goals to build a functional, vibrant UI that takes advantage of existing resources, content and revenue streams and builds new ones while integrating existing CRM and SaaS solutions for operational efficiency.

Below are some examples of in-house produced copy that tell the story and cast a strategic future for the Center for Christogenesis without undermining the depth and complexity of Ilia Delio’s theological vision.

What is the future of our planetary spirit? What is our role in the religion of the future?

The Center for Christogenesis is a future-oriented educational, inspirational and formational center. We seek to integrate, religion, science and technology so as to catalyze human evolution toward greater unity through religious renewal and convergence. Together, we can enkindle a new and responsible spirit of the earth for our collective life.

Are you inclusive of all religious traditions?

All world religions, including Christianity, are still tied to an ancient, static Ptolemaic cosmos. Yet, the universe is no longer a fixed state but a process. Traditional religions originated in historically and geographically limited cultures, none of which possessed an awareness of the collective unity and common destiny of humankind equal to what we experience today.

The future of human spirituality exists beyond these traditional religious definitions and institutional divisions. Nevertheless, this evolution requires deep, intentional work within specific communities and paradigms. Christianity is fundamentally a religion of evolution premised on the incarnational symbol of the Christ—matter matters. Like the physical sciences, Christianity must remain ready for discovery, exploration, and invention.

C4C is an organization catalyzing this transition. At the cutting edge of Christian and Western scientific thought, we serve all those hungry for discernment in an era of religious convergence, and those searching for a future that opens toward a unified, planetary whole beyond conventional definitions and divisions.

Welcome to the new!

As a community connected largely through the internet, we set out last year to create an online experience that is both clear and inspiring. Throughout the process, we’ve had the opportunity to design solutions for our most cherished programs while leaving intentional room for growth. While nothing here is revolutionary, we expect our new site will serve as a reliable, central hub for the evolutionary work continuing in our community across the globe.

Our new Homepage has been built with both new and regular users in mind. Here, you’ll find featured events, essays, and our latest podcasts, as well as an introduction to the work of the Center for Christogenesis. We hope it’s a straightforward, engaging landing page that makes you confident in sharing our work with others.

The News & Blog section has been streamlined to organize the content you’re familiar with into one place (Essays by Ilia Delio and Heart of Matterand open new channels (Prayers and Meditations and a Glossary). Under Prayers and Meditations, you’ll find a selection of liturgical content curated by our team with group meetings in mind. Our new Glossary also provides a platform to respond to questions and compile various topics that arise from webinars or Ilia’s writing. Though both are currently a start, we will continue to expand these archives.

Under Resources, you have the opportunity to purchase recordings of events you may have missed out on. Through the My Account page, you’ll maintain access to any of Your Purchased Resources from the site. As we continue to compile our archives of event recordings, you’ll find past courses, workshops, and conferences available here. (Please note that at this time, recordings of events prior to the new site should still be accessed through the Vimeo link sent via email to attendees.) We plan to expand this Resources section with supplementary podcast materials and book discussion guides.


“I am so thankful for the new site! The look and ‘feel’ is mature, beautifully illustrated and organized for users. Thank you for undertaking the incredibly challenging task of redesigning the website.”


“The new website is amazing! I’m crazy impressed and really happy to see the Center launch such a great new initiative.”