(Content Strategy | Creative Direction | Project Management | Asset/Brand Design) Complete brand messaging, strategy and website re-development for the non-profit of an award-winning author required an  in-depth knowledge of their thought and audience. From brief to launch, this vision required a combination of research, consultation, creative strategy and brand development to chart a middle way between diverse, global audiences and user backgrounds.

Antonio González-García


(Art Direction | Curation | Live Programming | Asset Design) “Like maps of our lonely planet, all flat projections betray life’s dimensional complexity. During this decade of deep-fakes and media skepticism, seeing is not believing. Instead, for today’s cynics and what-aboutists, it’s typically the opposite: representation alone inspires doubt about whatever’s represented.”

Ed and Linda Gross


(Art Direction | Curation | Live Programming | Asset Design) “By drawing out familiar Cubist shapes and Kandinsky’s pure abstractions into the space of the room—around and in-front of the canvas—Ed’s metal collages and Linda’s unassertive clay triptych’s shed soft light on hard lines, transfiguring old threatening forms in affable silhouettes who prefer gin martinis to lingering with our inhumanity.”



(Creative Strategy | Production Management | Visual Identity | Audio Design) A podcast hosted by award-winning author Ilia Delio, OSF, PhD, a Franciscan Sister of Washington, DC, and internationally renowned American theologian funded in part by the Fetzer Institute.

Lesley Finn


(Art Direction | Curation | Installation Design | Asset Design) “Delicate, sparing and playfully disruptive, Lesley’s Poltergeist Library exhibition at Yale University showcases the uncanny plasticity of what is written in ink and sealed by bookplates in the archive stacks. Throughout the collection, texts and images are exposed to various deconstructions revealing their essential instabilities.”



(Art Direction | Project Management | Resource Solutions | Preservation) “In a secret garden nestled in the Douglass Homes of Fell’s Point, Baltimore the rubble-scape draws inspiration from the elusive and transient nature of street art. What can human culture learn from the resilience of material products?”



“Like Home Movies, ‘history’ itself is increasingly improvised by its actors, spilling forward entropically. It is written for us by retro-script, and adjudicated by embattled media networks whose narratives are validated by the accumulation of audiences.”



(Art Direction | Project Management | Resource Solutions | Preservation) “An aesthetic exercise in space, this room is a live-in piece which evokes the soft memories of delicate fabrics and caretakers. A collage of generational and cultural materials, the space delicately suspends assorted ideas—complimentary and juxtaposed—in tension for the occupants.”



(Editorial Direction | Publication Management | Creative Writing | Digital/UI Design) The Terminal Post is a digital zine about the internet, it’s culture and our experience of it. Cold aesthetics with a twist of surrealism, it makes deeper sense of how the internet has affected our lives, society and consciousness. It’s 100% commodity free, influence free, social media free.



(Art Direction | Project Management | Resource Solutions | Preservation) “Designed as a servant’s quarters, this room is dedicated to workers across the ages and their many faces, domestic, corporate or otherwise.”