Do you travel?
Yes. Many support services can be provided virtually. However, personal engagement with your team, venues, artists, and works is important to getting the most value out of our relationship. I am located in Pennsylvania and work throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

Do you work outdoors?
Yes. In fact, my most significant professional experience is in managing outdoor projects and accommodating the challenges of changing conditions.

Do you sell/market art?
No. Revenue-building and market familiarity are necessary to the success of any project in the contemporary world and I am obliged to contribute to these ends. However, I am not a business or marketing consultant and typically avoid projects or installations which I perceive as motivated solely by profit or conceived at the behest of market forces.

Are you affiliated with any galleries or institutions?
No. I work with a network of professionals in various industries but am not associated with any standing collections, galleries, venues or institutions. My practice is designed to support independent artists and organizations with nimble professional services for engaging new audiences and opening novel spaces outside of traditional markets and patronage systems.