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Weaver’s Room

Location: Juniper Place in Quakertown, Pennsylvania

An aesthetic exercise in space, this room is a live-in piece which evokes the soft memories of delicate fabrics and caretakers. A collage of generational and cultural materials, the space delicately suspends assorted ideas—complimentary and juxtaposed—in tension for the occupants. Specific to the American culture, crosses, words and Americana blend together into a narrative of comfort in belonging and the pursuit of domestic bliss.

The space is washed and crisp, draped in the soft, extravagant patterns of lace. The warm glow of the porcelain pedestal lamp turns the pure whites to candle-flame orange at night. The turn of the century furniture is austere and elegant, proper to the immigrants who purchased it for their first, settled farm. Around the room is the residue of each decade when the bed has held a head or two (and a half).

Never overtly coarse, each wall hanging furnishes repose in a different shape or color. But look deep beneath the maternal comforts and you’ll discover the prickle of concepts in contradistinction: nationalism and belonging; religious zealotry and deep, spiritual love; trauma and nostalgia.

Open the drawers at your own risk. And please mind the wall hangings.