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The Terminal Post

Location: theterminalpost.com

Partners: Anonymous Artists & Contributors

With exclusive content curated by Dustin and contributions from various anonymous artists, The Terminal Post is a digital zine about the internet, its culture and our experience of it. Cold aesthetics with a twist of surrealism, it makes deeper sense of how the internet has affected our lives, society and consciousness.

The mythos of The Terminal Post builds a playground for the written word to chart unexplored areas of the shared internet-imposed nonage on our consciousness.

By interrogating what the internet is physically, the interface of The Terminal Post is reminiscent of the early days of the decentralized virtual space presented by the browser. Deeply critical of the influence of profit-making corporations on the physics of global networks, The Terminal Post endlessly exploits spatial metaphors and post-urban design to question how the architecture of the virtual space is shaping the human being.

Anchored by sharp, plastic, and esoteric prose the publication serves as a prototype for a new kind of subversive art installation which seeks to funnel eyes (and attention) away from the major institutions of the current webspace. Readers are elevated and charmed with delightfully obscure pieces of graphic art, music reviews, poetry and flash fiction. It is not a platform, but a private exhibit in a virtual space behind a thin paywall. It does not want to be shared or broadcast.

One engaged audience member would be a success. One million digital consumers would be failure.


“I was totally amazed by the poetry and the mind-reading you had behind your pen.

You describe this album even better with words than I can do with music.”

C Y G N | Musican & Producer